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 Another exciting day of mine

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PostSubject: Another exciting day of mine   May 21st 2010, 07:44

Alright, some of you may not really know me like that, but i decided to share one of my sometimes typical days with you. Let's say for an initial hint that my colleagues had spent a good deal of time in the last years trying to persuade me to make an insuranse against accidents...a life one as well... in their benefit, bless their compassionate nature Very Happy

So... about today... as some of you might know, i was going to travel to my parents town for the holiday (a national one). So there i was, enjoying the quiet sunshine of Tanaris, almost ready to call a taxi that would take me to the station. And as i sat there,enjoying the sweet taste of the last sips of my coffee,a most peculiar sound broke the blissful peace, a sound like a shettered glass or somthing of the kind... a sound followed by another boiling sound. Some of you might remember a winter night when while fighting a boss in Naxx i suddenly cried in vent that i couldn't heal as something more urgent needed my attention. That was my exploded radiator, that was naughtily flooding my room with heated oil. Well... i remind tnis occasion only to point out that the sound i heard today was similar. Yet... there was no radiator this time. However, a more careful examination couldn't fail to notice the flood of water spreading on the floor, its spring being hidden somewhere behind the kitchen cupboards. I will not be able to quote my words, for with the shock there was hardly an intellectual space left for any wording, but occasional exclamations, demanding explanation about the disaster from any divine entity that has obviously neglected their duty to take care after me. It was about that time that i found the spring... could be said that the spring also found me, for only in a few seconds i was soaking in warm water. Eventually i decided to find the central control and stop the cataclysm... alas... the floor was already so wet that i slipped. Well... falling on a wet floor is already trivial, don't you think. So... for the sake of the drama and to be up to my fame, i slipped forth and my foot hit the living room glass door. The sound was quite satisfactory, and so was the glass rain on the wet floor. The deity responsible had obviously already stepped in its authority, cause instead of counting cut fingers, while trying the stop blood leeking from my legs, i actually didn't even have a scratch. Yes, my heart was acting as if it wanted to see the damages first hand as it tried to climb up my throat, blocking my lungs for a few seconds... but it really wasn't a big deal. There i was - all wet and scared on the wet floor, as the water continued to flow around. Eventually i stopped it. I also had a visit from a neighbour who seemed quite impressed with water in his own kitchen. However, seeing me there, sad like a washed cat, bare feet on a floor covered with glass, he seemed to realise some people might have way to many other amusements to deal with. The final scratch of the srory (so far) was me, cutting my hand while gathering glass. But that was just a tiny detail - could have been much more colourful.
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PostSubject: Re: Another exciting day of mine   May 21st 2010, 09:15


If that's a typical day then your eventfull days must be something spectacular!

"Conlige suspectos semper habitos"
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Another exciting day of mine
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