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PostSubject: Application   January 2nd 2011, 07:36

!NOTE! My in game nick is Nimbuss. l had to add another O as my nick was already taken.

1, character name: Nimbuss
3. Im 20years old and live in sweden
4. 100mbt/100mbt
5. Main specc resto and off specc feral. The resto gear is slighty better
6. The beneifts of what my class would bring to the raid is the utility to be able to choose a healer or dps (or tank, read the things l added to the text below)
7. Lich king 10man. A fun battle, alot of things that you have to encounter and it takes teamwork and control to win.
8. Previous guilds: "Not for the innocent" and "Instinct"
9. All days and all times works for me exept friday and saturday.
10. I dont know anyone in TUS

Some things I would like to add. I got good old xp. Kingslayer in 10man and 25man. 11/12 heroic in 10man and 25man, those achiws is from my old main Dervollius. I also do alot of pvp so count me in if you are doing that in the guild.
My main specc is resto and my off specc is atm feral and sometimes bear. So if wanted l can be tank or dps as off specc. I got the gear for them both. I never miss a raid, almost.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   January 6th 2011, 15:06

1, character name: Ichooseyou
3. Im 18 years old and live in sweden
4. 100mbt
5. Main specc balanc and os feral.
6. The beneifts of what my class would bring to the raid is that I am a realy good dps and I code tank to but I am better dps.
7. Lich king i did moste 5man but I did fue 10 man raids.
8. Previous guilds: seconde aide,
9. I have school mon to frie but I only go to 4 so I am pritty open
10. I dont know anyone in TUS

Some things I would like to add, I never miss a raid if I say I will come, I have played since the furst world of warcarft. and I came to Zenedar at Litch King from kul tiras.
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